THe bespoke edit™


THE BESPOKE EDIT™ is an exclusive tailor-made treatment offered at The Chloë Edit by our Doctors, Experts in the field of cosmetic injectables. the team at The Chloë Edit have a revolutionary approach to facial enhancement, THE BESPOKE EDIT™.


It's not about chasing youth, it's about restoring facial proportions on all ages. THE BESPOKE EDIT™ is an injection procedure which follow Da Vincian principles and the ideal Golden ratios of the Phi Mask.

Applying The Golden ratio principle allows us to beautify the young face as well as restore the older face.

The entire treatment can take less than an hour using Juvéderm™ Vycross Range which contains lidocaine making the treatments relatively pain free and with little downtime.

Using the Juvéderm™ Vycross Range with THE BESPOKE EDIT™ restores faces with natural results.


The treatment will consist of:


One hour long initial consultation to conduct a facial analysis.

Building, costing and agreeing together on a timeline around your bespoke plan and how this is going to be achieved.

All Procedures can be done on the day or followed by additional procedures under your plan to achieve ultimate results.

Long term maintenance advice and suitable Membership Plan will be discussed during the initial appointment.



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