Enlighten Tooth Whitening is the best whitening system to brighten your teeth safely.




Enlighten is widely acknowledged as the most effective whitening system in the world. It’s the only one that guarantees a Vita shade B1 for every patient. And it has a 98% success rate.

No pain, more gain

The only whitening brand to give you: guaranteed long-lasting whitening results AND low sensitivity.


Change your life,
not your lifestyle

Which staining foods must your teeth whitening patient avoid? None at all.
With Enlighten, patients get exceptional whitening results... without any change in their diet.


Completely safe

Enlighten whitening treatment works straight through the enamel and does not harm the tooth surface.


it's the only procedure on the market to guarantee any patient will whiten to at least B1 (the lightest shade on a dentist shade guide), regardless of their starting shade, age, lifestyle or dietary habits. Other benefits of Enlighten teeth whitening include: It's pain-free. Produces natural-looking results.


"The whole process only took a couple of weeks and I am extremely pleased with the results. The process was really easy to follow and there was very little sensitivity. I have been recommending Enlighten to all my friends and family and its definitely helped with my confidence."



Cost of treatment:        £300