PRP / Dracula Therapy


PRP / Dracula Therapy uses your own plasma to restore, regenerate and create glowing skin with results lasting up to 12 months.



There are many benefits to the PRP / Dracula facelift, cosmetically and financially. For your face, this procedure is great because not only are you getting the benefits of a smoother and brighter face, but you are getting injected with only natural resources.  Also, the PRP / Dracula facelift is a lot less expensive than other, similar types of skin tightening procedures. As for safety, since you are only having natural things injected into your face, the PRP / Dracula facelift is typically safe. There are no known side effects, and your body easily accommodates the filler because it’s made from your own blood. 

When you hear the name PRP / Dracula facelift, it can make you think of a lot of different things. Pale skin, long fangs, Brad Pitt… However, it’s a great alternative to an actual, surgical facelift. What makes the PRP / Dracula facelift even more enticing, is that this kind of facelift doesn’t use any artificial products, thus making it a much safer choice. That’s reassuring to hear since it’s going into your own body. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to brighten up your face a little bit, and with a PRP / Dracula facelift, you can do this pretty quickly, no side effects and a short recovery time.



Cost of treatment:        from £300

 3 treatments:                 from £810



We require a £100 Deposit for all PRP / Dracula Therapy treatment, please pay HERE.


*DISCLAIMER Patient experience and results may vary. These are dependent on a number of factors such as lifestyle, age and medical history.