Obagi utilise potent and prescription ingredients with patented technologies which encourage penetration to all layers of skin.


Increases Collagen

Improves cellular turnover

Reduces pigmentation / melanin production

Reduce lines / wrinkles

Refreshed skin tone

Reduced Hyper-pigmentation / acne scarring / sun damage




Nu-Derm Skin Kit     £375

Nu-Derm Travel Kit     £175


Correction of moderate to more advanced signs of ageing, skin tone, pigmentation and texture.


Tretinoin 20g required with Nuderm kit


0.05%       £90

0.1%     £100

Retinol reducing lines / wrinkles, refines skin texture and acne.


Obagi -C Rx     £295

Minimal fine line and wrinkle correction, mild unevenness.


Clenziderm Starter Set     £130

Targets source of acne, treats existing blemishes and prevents breakouts.


Rosaclear     £180

Therapeutic system for treating signs and symptoms of Rosacea.


Elastiderm Décolletage System     £170

Reduces fine wrinkling, age spots on chest and neck areas.


Tretinoin (RETIN-A POM)     £90

 Renews your skin, reduces lines and wrinkles, moderate acne




Obagi 360


Maintenance following prescription skin systems or younger patients

Early intervention for fine lines/wrinkles, loss of radiance, pore size and breakouts.


Obagi Blue Radiance Peel


1 peel       £90

6 peels    £450


Obagi Hydrate     £40

Obagi Hydrate Luxe     £52

Hydrating moisturiser for everyday use and post peel.


Sun Shield Matte SPF 50     £70

UVA and UVB , Sheer, dermalogically tested. Recommended for daily use.


Vit C Serums


10% Dry Skin       £70

15% Normal Skin       £80

20% Oily Skin     £100

To prevent ageing, stimulate collagen production.


Elastiderm Eye Cream     £90

Reduces appearance lines and wrinkles and refreshes eyes.


Lumigan eyelash serum     £45

Increases your natural lash length and thickness


Lumigan and 3D fibre lash younique masacra package     £60