Are Anti-wrinkle injections just a beauty treatment?


The answer simply is no.

Since the 1970s Anti-wrinkle injections have been used to treat a variety of medical conditions.

These include:
Cervical dystonia- severe neck muscle spasms
Blepharospasm – an uncontrollable eye twitch or muscle spasm
Severe and excessive underarm sweating
Eye alignment or fixing ‘cross eyes’
Bruxism or teeth grinding
Overactive bladder


Did you know women are up to four times more likely than men to suffer from migraines?

So how can you identify a migraine?

A migraine is a very common, but very particular, type of headache. The typical migraine headache is throbbing or pulsating and is often associated with nausea and changes in vision.                                                                                                                         They are distinguished from headaches by their intensity and duration and are often accompanied by dizziness and vomiting. There are many factors which trigger a migraine, including stress, anxiety, tension, lack of sleep and insufficient food. External sources of triggers include loud noise, bright lights and strong odours.

The best way to treat a migraine…

-    Resting in a dark room because light can often make symptoms worse.

-    Ice packs for the forehead and temples are one of the easiest and most popular ways to alleviate migraine pain.

-    It’s crucial to stay hydrated but remember not all of your daily intake needs to come from drinks. Try snacking on cucumbers, for example, which are 96% water.

-    For even better results, you can massage our CLO CLO Lip Edition into your temples.

Our lip Edition doubles up as a temple balm. The spearmint in this balm helps to dilate blood vessels within the brain, making it invaluable for treating headaches.

-    For Chronic Migraines, Anti-wrinkle injections are a medically proven treatment which are injected into the forehead, hair line, back of the neck and across the shoulders.


Keep away from…

-    Foods rich in magnesium, such as leafy green vegetables, nuts and seeds, may help.

-    You should try not to eat aged, dried, pickled, smoked or salted meats and instead eat all-natural beef and beef liver, which is a rich source of co-enzyme Q10 and vitamin B12, both of which are thought to play a part in treating migraines.

-    Cut out alcohol, smoking and caffeine, these have all been shown to be potential triggers.


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Chloe Butler