"Be That Girl" Method: Build a Better Body and Mind


Mini Lower Body routine


Welcome to the ‘Be That girl’ Method designed to help you feel better, look better and perform better. Designed by one of the leading female trainers in the Uk, Christina Howells, That Girl brings you the best of her methods seen frequently in the press.

This mini lower body and core workout is a quick and effective fix to get your stronger, leaner whilst boosting your metabolism and increasing your over all fitness.

The best bit is you can do this workout anywhere, anytime so there are no excuses as That Girl is designed to fit into your life.


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How to do this routine

There are four moves in this workout, each 60 seconds long with 20 secs rest between each exercise. Aim to repeat the circuit 3 times through with 1 min – 2mins rest between circuits.



GIF 5.gif

Why she does it

This one maybe low impact but it will still get your heart rate up, whilst working your butt, legs and abdominals.


Feet are flat on the floor and a little wider than hip width with toes slightly turned outwards. Your hands are clasped in front of your chest.


How she does it

With a straight spine hinge at your hips to sit your butt back and downwards until your hips lower just below your knees, your weight is in your heels. Immediately return to standing kicking the right leg out to the side, a little above hip level if you can.  Repeat on the left side.

Top Tip

I like to keep my hands clasped so I really work on balance and focus on my legs.




GIF 4.gif

Why she does it

This one not only challenges your core but also your arms and shoulders and will certainly get your pulse up too.



Come into full plank position, shoulders in line with wrists. Firm your thighs squeeze your butt tight and draw your abdominals in creating a strong solid body.


How she does it

Keeping your thighs, buttocks and abdominals engaged lower your right forearm to the ground followed by your left. Return to plank and draw your right knees as close to the right elbow as you can and return. Repeat on the left side. Be mindful to keep your hips as still as you can throughout please.


Hot tip

If you find this one tricky then for now remain in plank position drawing alternate knee to elbow whilst keeping your body strong throughout. Always remember to challenge yourself with the full move each time your workout.




GIF 12.gif

Why she does it

This unilateral movement challenges the difference between both legs. You will work on balance, co-ordination and strength


You will need a study chair or bench. Standing tall, right heel close to the prop whilst your left leg is held out low and straight in front of you with the toes gently pointed. Both arms are stretched out at shoulder level.

How she does it

Hinge your hips backwards to lower your sit bones to touch the prop without actually sitting down. To return really focus on rooting down through the right heel as you come back to standing.  Split your 60 secs into 30 secs each leg



Waist Trimmer

GIF 14.gif


Why she does it

This one really works your waist and core as well as shoulder stability.



Lie on your right side with your right forearm on the floor, shoulder in line with elbow and your left hand by the side of your head. Your hips are stacked and your left foot is placed slightly on front of the right. Lift your hips to form one straight line from head to toes.


How she does it

Focus on engaging your abdominals and keeping the hips lifted as you draw your right knee towards your chest allowing your upper body to rotate so the left elbow kisses the right knee. Return and repeat 30 secs one side and then switch to the other side.

Top Tip.

This one is tricky and you can always start out by rotating the left elbow to right hand keeping the hips lifted.

Chloe Butler