What a Cheek

benefits of cheek fillers


As we get older our mid face (cheeks ) lose volume and gravity takes effect causing hollowing and drooping. Our skin also loses elastin and collagen so we lose our smoothness and firmness causing sagging.

I get frequently asked ‘‘Will Cheek Fillers make my face look fat, puffy, too obvious?” I use Juverderm Voluma to enhance the cheek area which lasts for around 18 months, the beauty of this is you can start off with a small amount to achieve a very subtle, natural appearance and always add at your own pace.

The apprehension of the end result is usually the biggest deterrent stopping people take the steps to having filler, more so than the procedure . No surprise that people are put off aesthetics when they see the images in the press of faux celebrities with a ‘too done face’ , i would be running in the other direction too.

 The aim of cheek fillers is to enhance and restore contours.

Our younger clients who are experts at contouring love cheek fillers to enhance their contouring experience and selfies.

Then we have our clients who are starting to feel they look tired and developing under eye hollows , losing some of their youthful glow usually due to pressures of having a young family or work who have cheek fillers to defy gravity and smooth out .

Our mature ladies who have lost more volume due to hormones and loss of elasticity have fillers to lift the jowel area , soften nose to mouth lines .

The procedure is painless due to the lidocaine within the filler and takes less than 10 minutes, no downtime and a great alternative to a face lift. You’ll achieve a natural,  refreshed look with no-one knowing unless you tell them.

Chloë X
Chloe Butler