"Everybody's Free to Wear Sunscreen" Baz Luhrmann 1999

Baz Luhrmann in The New York Times (source New York Times)

Baz Luhrmann in The New York Times (source New York Times)

Phew what a week we’re having,…

Hope you’re enjoying the hot spell and getting a dose of Vitamin D which is essential for our bodies, muscle, bone, immune systems and helps ward of major diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease.


Two main reasons to wear sunscreen


Skin Cancer

Too much exposure to sun will let UV rays penetrate the outer layers and pass to deeper layers where they can kill or damage cells which can lead to mutations and is the major cause of skin cancer.


Skin Ageing

The sun’s rays are responsible for 80% of skin aging, it reduces elastin and degrades the skin texture..



When it comes to Sunblocks Let’s get Physical


1.     chemical sunscreens absorb sun’s rays , physical deflect

2.     chemical can irritate your skin but Zinc Oxide which is the main ingredient of physical blocks actually soothe the skin

3.     Chemical suncreams degrade the coral reef!

4.     Physical blocks are non-toxic

5.     Chemical suncreams degrade in sun, hence the need to reapply. Physical blocks do not degrade

6.     Some chemical suncreams actually contain hormone and endocrine disruptors which are harmful and have been linked to cancer.


The Chloe Edit recommends:

Drunk Elephant Umbra Tint Physical Daily Defense

This tinted daily sunscreen gives you a glowing, gorgeous finish.


Obagi Sun shield Tint SPF 50 Warm

Physical sunblock combining UVB and UVA protection with a lovely warm tint.


Chloe Butler