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Dr. Chloë Butler (Bachelor of Dental Surgery), Founder and Medical Director of The Chloë Edit has specialised in performing aesthetics for 18 years. She uses the most up to date advanced non-surgical techniques so you will always receive the best treatment. She is part of Allergan's Top 100 UK practitioners, an expert in Beauty Tailoring and believe in promoting a fresh, natural look to restore confidence and radiance. Today's advanced techniques allow her to perform procedures safely and help achieve a “NEW” you.

As a Dental Surgeon, she demonstrates a high degree of manual dexterity when applying injections to the face. This is key to successfully delivering injections with reduced stress level for the patient and improving your overall experience. 

Her high level of training in facial anatomy will ensure that you are receiving the expertise required when delivering your treatments at The Chloë Edit.

The relationship between looking good and feeling good became her mantra and drove her passion even further to promote good and natural looking results and break down the barriers of aesthetics.


In CHLOë’s own words….

Looking beautiful is so closely linked to emotional wellbeing. It’s been proved by psychologists, we all know to look good makes us feel good, it's our clinic motto in fact.

However this isn’t about how facial aesthetics makes us feel post treatment. Undeniably it improves self esteem and confidence .

A trip to the clinic can often be a first step in to recovery after a messy divorce or life changing event or be the enhancement you need to give you the confidence to go for that job interview or on that date.

People attend the clinic not necessarily to change how they look, they just want to feel good about themselves and I’m so happy and privileged to be able to help people do this.

Facial aesthetics is safe when practiced in the correct hands using techniques that avoid complications. The Allergan range of products are completely safe, broken down, processed by the body, tested and researched constantly with huge advances and applications in medicine, often life changing.

I believe your treatment journey should be a pleasurable one, my treatments are custom built around the clients specific needs and over the years, this has resulted in my own career flying to become one of the UK’s top practitioners with Allergan, the company behind Botox® & Juvéderm®.

I am committed to safety and making sure every patient enjoys  their experience at The Chloë Edit and look forward to seeing you soon.


Dr. Chloë Butler (BDS)